Summer I-House Reunions in Europe – Köln, Germany

This summer I have been very busy with I-House reunions in Europe, and it kicked off with the I-House reunion in Köln, Germany in May.

I-House Executive Director Hans Giesecke and his wife, Susan, were doing a Cal Alumni riverboat tour from Amsterdam to Budapest and 30 of us had the pleasure to join him on a sunny Sunday afternoon for their stop in Köln.

In fact, we took the opportunity of this event to make a weekend reunion. After a short flight from London to Köln I reunited with Lisa, Anna, and Flavia, who came from Hamburg, Barcelona, and Brussels respectively. After enjoying some hot chocolate, Harm from Munich joined us then we decided to check out Kölner Dom. It was a majestic gothic cathedral, with beautiful stained glass windows.

Reunited with Friends from Germany, Spain, and Italy!

Later I met up with Marina and Peter from Aachen for an amazing All You Can Eat Sushi dinner. Needless to say, we ate way more than we should have eaten, but it was so good! After a healthy brunch the next day we went to Früh, an old and popular brewery in Cologne. As we were walking near the cathedral which is one of the main landmarks of Köln we of course took a selfie.

Group Selfie with the Cathedral

Then it was time to go to the big event, the I-House reunion. As we arrived at the Maritim Hotel we got to meet other housemates and meet new friends. We had the opportunity to listen to I-House alum Manuel Schulze tell us about the Recycle Up! Ghana organization he co-founded with Torben Fischer while at I-House. We also enjoyed some cake and coffee, it felt like a mix between Sunday Supper and Coffee Hour. It was a fantastic afternoon sharing I-House stories, celebrating the great initiative of fellow I-House people, and having a wonderful time.

As always, Hans brought a Cal flag, which we proudly held in the group photo. Go Bears from Germany!

I-House Reunion in Köln, Germany

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About Joël Thai

Bonjour ! My name is Joël Thai, I am an environmental engineer, passionate photographer, triathlete, and world traveler from Paris, France. I spent four years in Berkeley for graduate school, research, and teaching. Living at International House Berkeley was such an enriching and exciting experience! Go Bears!
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