Staff Spotlight: Lauren Moloney-Egnatios

I’m happy to share a guest post by Lauren Moloney-Egnatios, the newest member of the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) team.

Developing Global Leaders at I-House

By Lauren Moloney-Egnatios

Lauren Moloney-EgnatiosWhen I first walked through the doors of UC Berkeley’s International House as a new staff member, I felt an enormous sense of pride. I knew that I had joined something bigger, a global community dedicated to the values of social justice, inclusivity, and appreciation of difference. It is these values that drove the legendary leaders – Edmonds and Rockefeller – to create the I-House movement. As a trainer in the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL), I am humbled to build upon the foundation that was set by these visionaries.

If I had to choose one highlight (there are many) from my first days here, it would be the people. I am overcome with gratitude for my colleagues and the relationships I have developed. I am grateful for a community of diverse residents and staff from all over the world who challenge my assumptions, expand my worldview, and with each interaction, teach me something new. Each day, I see a dedicated, competent staff member provide residents with an exceptional learning experience during their time at Berkeley. I am inspired by an incredible spirit of possibility; it is a spirit that encourages me to work harder, dream bigger, and help write the next great chapter of the I-House story.

I received a Masters of Arts in International Communication and Education from the School of International Service at American University and a B.A. in Organizational Development and Spanish at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). For the past 10 years, I’ve worked and studied in the fields of Organizational Leadership Development as well as International and Intercultural Education, primarily as an educator, researcher, programmer, and trainer.

Prior to joining the CIL team, I consulted for various organizations, and also advised and developed programs in the Global Engagement Office at Santa Clara University and American University’s Career Center. Fluent in Spanish, I spent four years working in Spain as an ESL instructor, cross-cultural trainer, and developer of international exchange programs for low-income youth. In addition, I spent significant time  in Lebanon, studying Arabic and retracing my family lineage.

As an Intercultural Training Specialist for the Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) at International House Berkeley, my primary role is to design and deliver intercultural workshops for I-House residents. However, my work also extends to corporate and non-profit clients, as well as other UC Berkeley students and staff.

This spring, we launched CIL’s first professional internship program. CIL staff and our five resident interns have already successfully designed and facilitated six new I-House programs this month, including: Global Dialogue–how Japanese view the world; a historical tour and deep D.I.V.E into San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood; an intercultural dining experience exploring the role of guest/host around the world; a career development workshop that helped residents translate their I-House experience for a more effective resume, cover letter, and interview strategy; an evening of residents sharing their intercultural stories; and an I-House PRIDE event exploring LGBTQ culture and community. We have many exciting offerings including the Intercultural Leadership Institute (ILI) this Fall.  Check out the calendar for upcoming events!

CIL can help you develop the knowledge, mindset, and skills for professional, personal, and academic success. Part of what makes this place special is that it is a microcosm of the world. It offers residents the unique opportunity to explore themselves as leaders in the context of the world, without ever setting foot on an airplane. I consider my role to be one of helping residents reach their potential as global leaders and citizens.

When not working, I enjoy taking long hikes, exploring new lands and cultures, cooking, reading, learning languages, reveling in music, singing, dancing, gardening, and playing tennis, soccer, and ice hockey. I strive to try something new every day.

I hope to get to know as many residents and staff as possible. Please feel free to e-mail ( or stop by my office anytime!

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As the Communications Manager for International House at UC Berkeley, I share stories online and in our I-House Times Newsletter. I created this blog for alumni, residents, and staff to share the I-House experience with the UC Berkeley community and beyond. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact me at Share the I-House love! ♥
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