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A Semester Like No Other: An I-House Berkeley Spring 2020 Recap

With the school semester dramatically disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, most colleges and universities moved to online instruction, with students having no choice but to adjust to the changes. Given the lack of in-person classes and social distancing measures … Continue reading

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Here’s To You, Claudio!

I have worked with students in higher education for about a decade, and have been moved and shaped by many of them. They’ve made me laugh, expanded my heart, challenged me, and taught me new ways of thinking and doing … Continue reading

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I-House Residents Fighting COVID-19, One Care Package at a Time

With the rising spread of COVID-19, often referred to as the coronavirus, sweeping across the globe, efforts to stop the pandemic have been put in place. Numerous countries have implemented nation-wide lockdowns along with stay at home orders intended for … Continue reading

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Big Give is a week away!

Participate with VIP gifts, challenge matches, and contests to unlock extra funds for I-House! The countdown is on and I-House is buzzing with excitement about UC Berkeley’s Big Give on March 12th! We are grateful for all of your support … Continue reading

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I-House, a Gateway to Love: Mexico Meets Bangladesh

Fall 2015 was the beginning of a new journey for Dania Orta-Alemán. A native of Mexico City, Mexico, she came to UC Berkeley as a master’s candidate at the School of Public Health. Little did she know that an I-House … Continue reading

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A Very Spanish Day at UC Berkeley

On Wednesday, April 24th we had the opportunity to live a very Spanish day in Berkeley, 12,000 km away from my home in Spain. (For Spanish speakers, I have included a translation of this article en español below.) The day … Continue reading

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Time to Thrive: Sunday Supper

In 1909, Harry and Florence Edmonds, promoters of the I-House movement, started a tradition of hosting dinners in their home to counter the loneliness and isolation of international students in New York. Today, we still honor this tradition, which became … Continue reading

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Resident Orientation Retreats: a fun way to start the semester

At the beginning of every semester, the International House Program Office organizes two-day retreats at Walker Creek Ranch in Marin County, offering residents the opportunity to have fun and meet new friends. I attended the Spring 2019 Resident Retreat as … Continue reading

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100,000 Grains of Sand Tour

Alice Lewthwaite, great-granddaughter of Harry Edmonds, the founder of the International House movement, is currently on a world tour called “100,000 Grains of Sand,” which represents the approximate number of alumni of International Houses worldwide. Following in Harry Edmonds’ footsteps, … Continue reading

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Honoring the Dead in a Culturally Respectful Way

We are pleased to feature a guest post by Monique Rodriguez, a resident who participated in our social media challenge during the Fall 2018 semester. Monique, along with resident Ricardo Martinez, brought the Mexican tradition of Dia de Los Muertos … Continue reading

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