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My name is Patricie, and I am originally from Rwanda. I am currently in my second year at UC Berkeley, doing an MS in Civil Engineering (with focus on Transportation Engineering). To complement my engineering classes, I am also taking my share of transportation planning classes this year. I am passionate about transportation infrastructure development, particularly public transportation. Also a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, an Open A Door Scholar and a former Generation Rwanda scholar, I have and continue to acquire skills I need to live my dream to see transportation infrastructure improved. In the next couple of months, I will be blogging about my experience in an Intercultural Leadership Initiative course I am taking, offered by International House at UC Berkeley.

The last week of the Intercultural Leadership Initiative course

My journey studying intercultural leadership through ILI has come to an end with our commencement that took place on Tuesday May 5th. Saying that this adventure has been a very enjoyable ride is an understatement! Like I had predicted when I … Continue reading

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Culture as an iceberg, uncoding cultural dimensions

This week’s session of the Intercultural Leadership Initiative was as informative as the past ones. To kickstart our class session on Wednesday, we discussed the dimensions of culture, using “the iceberg concept of culture.” Obviously, culture is such a broad … Continue reading

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