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G'day, my name is Henry Hoang Duc Nguyen and I'm a spring exchange undergraduate student from Sydney, Australia, studying civil engineering. Thanks to my parents, who are originally from Vietnam, I've had the privilege of growing up in beautiful Sydney with a supportive and caring family, comprising of two older brothers and a big sister. In my spare time, I enjoy bantering with mates at the pub and spending time with my family. I'm ecstatic to be living here in International house with so many talented and passionate poeple from around the world. So during my brief stay, I look forward to hanging out with y'all.

The migrant experience

Saturday’s Intercultural Leadership Initiative (ILI) field trip through the streets of Oakland was a very enlightening and fulfilling experience. We began the trip in the Fruitvale district, a predominantly Hispanic community, and wandered aimlessly to discover snippets of Hispanic culture … Continue reading

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