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About graysonguo

Using the American standard, I am a quiet person. Using the Asian standard, I am a loud person. If you see a guy who always wears gray color from top to bottom, it is likely to be me. My friends use this habit to remember my name – Grayson. Hope this helps you to remember me as well. I like all kinds of sports, but I am not good at any. I like to watch movies. And when I watch it, sometimes I like to mimic people’s voices and motions. This habit made me an actor in secondary school and high school. I am also a Salsa dancer, I love to try social dances, but I don’t go to clubs.

Same Same, But Different

At the start of the semester, my motivation to join the Intercultural Leadership Initiative (ILI) was very simple – to learn different cultures and make more friends. It turned out that ILI was much more than that. It offered me … Continue reading

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