Be an I-House Blogger

We are seeking a team of residents and alumni who are passionate about I-House to be contributing authors for this blog  Blog topics must have a connection to International House, and may include videos, photos, recaps of I-House activities and posts in different languages.


Achievement badges are awarded when an author accomplishes a milestone or has a specific focus:

  • Apprentice: 1-9 posts | Champion:10 – 19 posts  | Super Blogger: 20+ posts
  • Ambassador Blogger: Recruit a qualified author to join the blog team
  • Global Blogger: Write a post translated in another language in addition to English
  • Intercultural Leadership Initiative: ILI Cohort participant bloggers
  • Cal Fan: A resident who loves Cal sports and covers games/events. Go Bears!
  • Super Staff: An I-House employee that shares positive stories
  • Paparazzi: A skilled photographer who captures the essence of I-House in photos
  • Videophile: A blogger who produces and shares high quality videos of life at I-House
  • Foodie: A resident who highlights dining news, specials and weekly menus

If you’d like to join the blog team, please fill out the application below:


The I-House Blog has gone global!


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