Hello International House friends!   This is a blog about life at I-House that features:

  • News from I-House
  • Thought-provoking posts from Social Media Ambassadors
  • Oral Histories and Alumni Spotlights
  • Where Are They Now? Interview Series
  • Perspectives from I-House Residents, Resident Assistants and Staff

We welcome your comments and suggestions for topics!  If you have any questions, or would like to be an I-House Blogger or guest author, email Laurie Ferris.

Be an I-House Blogger

International House Blogger Badges
We are seeking a team of residents and alumni who are passionate about I-House to be authors for this platform. Topics must have a connection to International House, and may include videos, photos, recaps of I-House activities and posts in different languages.

Learn more and apply online.

You may also volunteer as a Global Community Ambassador on our new networking platform, I-House Berkeley Connect.

The ground rules for joining the conversation, drawn from the UC Berkeley Principles of Community, are as follows:

  • Stay on topic. We will remove posts that rant far afield.
  • Be civil and respectful of others, even if you disagree with their posts.
  • Don’t get personal.

Visit our website at ihouse.berkeley.edu for more information about International House, UC Berkeley.

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