Big Give at I-House 2022

The Big Give was truly a day of celebration. The university-wide annual fundraising event was nothing short of exciting as students, faculty, alumni and other members of the Cal community came together to support the amazing programs and organizations that we have here at UC Berkeley by spreading awareness and giving. Current residents at I-House jumped in on the fun as well, kicking the day off with hosting a Big Give Coffee Hour in the Great Hall. Activities included resident performances, a premiere of a short film that I created, and a raffle for I-House merchandise, including a few of our limited edition 90th Anniversary I-House posters. 

Raffle winner Natalie Chan holding one of our 90th anniversary posters, residents gathering to watch my short film, the delicious snacks we had at the Coffee Hour, and Bryan Chang and Allen Mao playing on the grand piano

The Great Hall was decorated with beautiful posters and signs that said “Thank You” in different languages, representing the multitude of cultures that make up I-House. Residents stopped by to take some pictures with these signs, as well as enjoyed some snacks and refreshments during the event, including freshly baked cookies made by our wonderful chefs! 

Current I-House residents posing with “Thank You” signs in various languages

Throughout the day, residents also wrote notes on our Gratitude board with reasons for why they give to I-House, ranging from creating “lifelong friendships” to “random dining hall conversations.” 

Notes written by our residents on our Gratitude board

Big Give festivities didn’t stop at the Coffee Hour. Our social media ambassadors worked diligently to circulate our hashtags and spread awareness about our I-House fundraiser by participating in various social media contests on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I created a short film, Why I Give: An Ode to I-House, which reflected on the amazing experiences I’ve had at I-House so far. We heard back from alumni from all around the world who said that my video rekindled fond memories from when they used to live at I-House, which was really heartwarming!

My short film

Our I-House Resident Council also worked hard to promote the Big Give within our resident community by tabling during mealtimes, as well as organizing a beautiful viola and cello performance for residents to enjoy while eating dinner. Adam Brownell, the president of the I-House Resident Council, wrote a lovely message about why he is grateful for I-House and it was emailed to all of our alumni, friends, and fans.

Our hardworking resident council and Steve Shin and Breanna Yang performing a viola and cello duet at dinner

Ultimately, the Big Give was a huge success as we raised over $50,000 from 170 donors, reaching our goals of achieving 135 gifts and receiving donations from 138 unique donors. This allowed us to unlock both a $1,500 challenge gift from Cal and a $10,000 challenge gift from the I-House Board of Directors!

Thank you message from our I-House Board of Directors!

Our donations and completed challenges!

On behalf of the I-House community, thank you to everyone who supported us during the Big Give this year. We wouldn’t have this amazing institution without you!

About Carina Samson

Hello! I'm currently a 7th floor Resident Assistant at I-House for the Academic Year 2022-2023! I was also previously an I-House Social Media Ambassador for the Spring 2022 semester. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I can't wait share the various diverse experiences and beautiful moments we have here at I-House with all of you! I was born in the Philippines and raised in Japan, and I'm currently a junior undergraduate student double majoring in Data Science and Psychology. In my free time, I love to write music, sing, play the ukulele, go on hikes and watch anime.
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