A Week at I-House

International House is, in my humble opinion, the best residence for students attending UC Berkeley. The location, view, and amenities are fantastic, and the people are, of course, wonderful. Below is how my typical week at I-House plays out. Let us know in the comments below what your week is like. Happy spring, everyone!


this room has such good acoustics – perfect for blasting workout music!

After waking up and grabbing a tea or coffee from the dining commons, I rush off to campus. My day is full of classes, lab, and work, but I come back in time for dinner with some friends. After chatting about cultural differences and our weekend plans, I excuse myself and make my way to the Chevron Auditorium. On Mondays, from 7-8 pm, there is a free yoga class for residents, and from 8-9 pm, there is a free Zumba class. After a long day, some physical exercise is very welcome, and the instructors are very kind and funny!


the library is busy during midterm and finals season, but otherwise, I’ve always managed to find a seat

Ah, one of my busier days! After a couple of classes, I come back for lunch and meet up with a friend. She doesn’t live at I-House, but I’m able to swipe her in, and we enjoy catching up on each other’s lives. We leave, and I return to campus. Finally, evening rolls around, and I get back in time for a late dinner. Grabbing a tea or coffee from the dining commons, I make my way to the library. The I-House library is for residents only, and it’s blissfully quiet. I love ending my nights here, and I wind down by reading some of the books assigned by my professor.


the tradition of Coffee Hour has been going on for years – this photo is from 2015!

I bump into someone on my floor at the dining commons, and we make small talk – hopefully, we can continue our conversation. 🙂 My day is uneventful, but I make sure to stay awake for the Coffee Hour that takes place each Wednesday at 9 pm. Hosted by residents, these events are always themed for a specific country or festival, and it’s a great place to make some friends and eat some snacks. My neighbor and I bump into each other again and spend some time getting to know one another.


International House Cafe – you can either sit inside or out in the sun!

Finally, a day where my mornings are free! I still wake up early (force of habit) but I head down to the I-House Café to do some work. After grabbing some coffee, I take a seat facing the window overlooking San Francisco and spend a few hours being productive. After going onto campus for a few things, I return. Miraculously, I only have an essay to complete, and so I sit in front of the fireplace in the Great Hall, and get to work.


a chill way to spend a Friday night

After a long day on campus, I eat dinner with some friends, before watching a movie with my roommate in our room. Even though we’re from different countries, we have similar tastes, and the film is a success. When the clock strikes 9 pm, I head down to the Great Hall. The Liars Club meets there every Friday night, and tonight, we’re playing Mafia. It’s a fun way to end the week and start the weekend!

About Loyalty Traster-Lee

Loyalty Traster-Lee was a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in anthropology. She was born and raised in Long Beach, California, but has traveled extensively, including attending kindergarten in Singapore, volunteering with the Lions Club in Germany, and studying abroad in England. Loyalty's favourite Berkeley sights include the Botanical Gardens and the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, which, for the record, are both within walking distance of each other and free with student identification. Loyalty graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2019, but considers living at I-House to be one of the highlights of her undergraduate experience.
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