An Ode to the I-House Fireplace

An Ode to the I-House Fireplace | Part Two of A Series of Odes to the Little Things of I-House that make it so Largely Special

Ode No.2 | An Ode to the I-House Fireplace

I-House Fireplace

Walking through the Great Hall one may have noticed an addition to the ambiance of the place. It glistens. Red, orange and gold. It emanates warmth. It takes you back to those winter nights with that snuggly blankie and that cup of hot chocolate. Yes, the humble yet elegantly burning I-House fireplace. Brace yourselves.

Oh, I-House fireplace. I enjoy your unexpected appearance in my life. I greatly applaud your impeccable timing.

Oh, I-House fireplace. How you dance in your charcoal theatre. Licking kicks and winking sparks. You draw in intimate crowds.

Oh, I-House fireplace. Your colours and heat take me back to nostalgic pasts of comfy indoor clothing and melting marshmallows. A source of warmth when arriving with cloaks of chilling stresses and runny noses.

Oh, I-House fireplace. Thank you for being a silent therapist where your actions speak louder than unnecessary words. That boy problem. Your advice was gold.

Oh, I-House fireplace. You will be greatly missed when California turns its heat back to its notorious level and we begin to enter the Great Hall with unattractive levels of sweat and panting. Yet we wait eagerly for your glorious return. When the winter greys roll in.

Anyone keen to start an I-House fireplace appreciation club? Promise it will look fiery on your CV.

Till my next post.

P.S. Here is a link to the I-House fireplace in action:

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