An Ode to the I-House Christmas Tree

An Ode to the I-House Christmas Tree | Part One of A Series of Odes to the Little Things of I-House that make it so Largely Special

Intro to the Odes:

Yesterday I experienced a strange sinking feeling of something really quite big coming to a gradual end. The feeling may have stemmed from my blissful three-day-hibernation/return-to-being-a-sleep-fulfilled-human-being after my final architecture crits on Monday. However, on further examination, it has probably more to do with the fact that this semester has honestly been one of the most amazing 6 months of my entire life thus far, and my brain is slowly catching up to the fact that in less that a fortnight, it will be over. Despite this slightly depressing introduction, the topic of this blog post is not  intended to spread pessimism. One of my favorite authors, Dr. Seuss, once said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” I hope that my last few posts for the I-House blog, which I would like to refer to as the “Series of Odes to the Little Things of I-House that make it so Largely Special,” will be about this active “smiling.”

Disclaimer: I am not an English major so am not extremely familiar with the structure of an official ode. All I am taking from the ode-al form is merely the fact that it is an expressive exaltation of something I believe to be praiseworthy.

I-House Christmas Tree

Ode No.1 | An Ode to the I-House Christmas Tree

Unless you have been hiding under a rock all week, I am sure that you have noticed the new centerpiece of the I-House Great Hall interior decor. It is strange. But despite the factual banality of a large, PVC replica of a fir tree, the Christmas tree never fails at stimulating good vibes.  I would like this ode to allow us all to take a moment to appreciate this piece of decoration and to also give an approving nod at the design decision of the interior decor team of I-House.

Oh, I-House Christmas tree. When I walk by you, I smile unwillingly. Your mere presence stimulates the warm sensation of sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter night. The way you wear your star on an ever so slight angle gently asks me about my day when no one else has. The twinkle of your lights reminds me that there is a future beyond dead week.

Oh, I-House Christmas tree. I enjoy the way you attract happy people around you. That your existence reminds us all to be kind to one another. That perhaps, our deeply hidden childhood dreams can one day be realized.

Oh, I-House Christmas tree. I appreciate the jewels that you wear. The baubles and fairy-lights emanate such color and fantasy into our lives. Beyond this, you allow for us to take a moment in our day to stare into your multiple faces and escape the realities of our stressful existence.

Oh, I-House Christmas tree. Thank you for glistening through the window of the front entrance. So that your lights can guide our delirious minds home when walking up Bancroft at ridiculous shades of the night.

Oh, I-House Christmas tree. I am grateful that despite this cheesy ode, you will never inflate with pride or take yourself too seriously. That instead, you will continue to shine till we all make it through the forest of exams into the beautiful zone of Christmas day.

Yeah, I really like Christmas trees.

Till my next ode.

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