Turkey for the people of I-House

What’s all the fuss around an enormous roasted turkey, countless bowls of sides, mashed potatoes and a sweet, very tart cranberry sauce?

It’s what I-House residents who are part of our Host Family Program are going to discover next Thursday, November 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday. Many of our generous hosts have already invited their international guests to be part of this American tradition, reinterpreted according to all the different cultures and nationalities we are so fortunate to have here in the Bay Area.

Seven years ago, this time of the year, I had my first big turkey revelation. What I had seen in movies and shows materialized on a real American table (we had been invited by some of my husband’s colleagues). Pardon me, American fellows, but it was immediately clear this is not about the food. In seven years, I have never tasted a good Thanksgiving turkey or a special pumpkin pie (I don’t give up, so please feel free to defend here your incredible versions of this all American must), but there is something unbeatable about Thanksgiving celebration.

Turkey Feast

Thanksgiving not being about religion, makes it peculiar and unique. It speaks about gratitude for small and big achievements or gifts we got and about sharing with friends and family. It is a special moment of communion that, through the years, I have learned to appreciate more and more. I love the way people interpret it according to their culinary traditions (did you know many Italian families have Thanksgiving pasta or lasagna?), cultural backgrounds, personal choices and family obligations (where to celebrate?). It’s the only time of the year during which I feel the idea of potluck can be legit (culturally I am totally adverse to potluck, but that’s another long story:)). I love the silly idea of the President of the United States pardoning a turkey and I love the whole tradition of coming home for Thanksgiving. Although I would never attempt to travel during those days, I admit there is something heroic about a son or a daughter coming home on those traffic intense few days.

So dear residents, do not loose this precious opportunity to give thanks with your Host family if they are in town. And if they are not, and you are part of the Host Family Program, come to see me at the Front Desk and, as usual, I’ll try to pull one or two rabbits out of my “matchmaker” hat and match you with another host for this special occasion.

Know also that I-House will have a Thanksgiving lunch on the day of the holiday (November 27th), at 1 pm: our Executive Director and his family will be there and the food is said to be very great! Stay tuned for more info on this event (space is limited so sign up as soon as possible at the Front Desk).

I am on a Thanksgiving mission, for those who wish to experience this special holiday with a host family and a big portion of turkey with all the sides. 🙂

Happy holiday of the turkey!

PS: The Dining Hall will also have feast on Monday, November 24, 6-8 pm for the annual Native American/Thanksgiving Theme Dinner. Check out the menu  or Follow this Blog via Email to get the menu delivered to your inbox every Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving

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For my whole life the world has been a wonderful book and, being an avid reader, I have enjoyed every page so far. Journalist, traveller, internationalist and...gourmet I plan to see it all. At I-House I can do it just sitting at the Front Desk!
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