High in The Sky !

From watching the Blue Angels to plummeting 18,000 ft. to flying a Cessna, over the past month, I’ve spent more time with my I-House buddies off the ground than in the classes.

It all started when two wonderful RAs organized a Fleet Week airshow trip. One fine Sunday morning about three weeks ago, close to twenty residents met at the I-House front steps ready for one of the best airshows we’ve seen.

Residents all set to witness the Airshow

Residents all set to witness the Airshow

Once, we reached the city, there was almost a unanimous decision to walk along the Embarcadero instead of taking the Muni. What followed was a memorable trip witnessing the might of the Naval fleet along the way and the spectacular display of pure awesomeness in the sky, culminating in the awe inspiring and legendary show of the Blue Angels. Here are some pictures –

Complex maneuvers !

Complex maneuvers !

The Plummeting Blue Angels

The Plummeting Blue Angels

Blue Angels over the Bay

Blue Angels over the Bay

The Goodbye!

The Goodbye!

Within a week, the exhilaration was back. Having tried for three years, with great difficulty, I could finally convince four of my fellow residents to jump off a plane. We went to Skydive Monterey Bay and took the mighty leap out into the confluence of Sky, Land and Ocean.

Residents Anna, Amber, Anne, Vishwa and Nicholas ready for the skydive

Residents Anna, Amber, Anne, Vishwa and Nicholas ready for the skydive

Feeling the Elements

Feeling the Elements

Straight into the world’s highest 18,000 ft. tandem dive, with wind blowing past at 125 mph, it was the ride of a lifetime. The adrenaline rush and the calmness thereafter when the parachute opens and you look down at the beauty that the Earth is, all I can say is we returned new and rejuvenated.

A week later, there was a post on the Facebook I-House group and now it seems everyone wants to try skydiving. Guess what, Just Do it!

Once, you are up there, you always feel that itch to leave ground. True to the word, last Monday I was back up with one of my German skydive buddies, this time flying a Cessna aircraft over the bay. We went for a flying lesson to Oakland Flyers. I can never forget the moment when I pulled the plane up off the runway. The beautiful bird’s eye views of the East Bay, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, San Francisco, the list goes on.

Flying over the Treasure Island

Flying over Treasure Island

I always wanted to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. I was not disappointed at all when instead I got to fly on top of it right through the center of the two towers. Turning over the ocean, we crossed the entire bay and landed in Napa Valley.

Golden Gate, straight ahead!

Golden Gate, straight ahead!

Right atop the Golden gate

Flying over the Golden Gate

Words cannot describe this! Finishing the turn over Golden Gate

Words cannot describe this!
Finishing the turn over Golden Gate

Resident Anne excited for her first flight !

Resident Anne excited for her First Flight

Do you think the best views were over? Think again. My friend flew us back and then came another sight to cherish.

We flew over Berkeley waving like toddlers at the campus and I-House from the sky. It was my greatest ever and most beautiful view of UC Berkeley. Check it out for yourself.

Berkeley from the heavens!

UC Berkeley campus from the heavens! Do you see I-House?

You are living with an inquisitive and adventurous international community in one of the best multifaceted areas of the world. Make the best use of it.

Ahoy! From the Sky!

About vishwab

Live it ! Love it ! Thats in short about me. For the keener audience, currently a PhD student in Systems Engineering at UC, Berkeley, I come from the holy city of Varanasi in India. I am passionate about teaching, music, writing, travelling and meeting new people. My time at Berkeley living at International House has both reared and been reared by the above. For the professionally oriented, I did my undergrad in Civil Engineering and Masters in Structural Engineering, have taught Physics at Berkeley for 5 semesters and at Stanford for 2 summers and my research is currently focused on Vehicle to Grid Systems and Persuasive Technology. For the even more interested, keep an eye on the blog..:)
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