Let’s go skydiving!

Bonjour !

What are you going to do this Halloween weekend? Something special such as going to Santa Barbara I hope. If you are staying in the Bay Area, how about having an adrenaline rush? I can tell you that there is no better way than jumping out of an airplane to do so!

Skydiving in Lodi, California.

Skydiving in Lodi, California.

I believe skydiving should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is one of those things that are so scary exciting to do. Actually, it is not just the jumping part that is exciting. It is an experience that builds up and it starts long before the actual jump. The adventure begins when you are considering to go skydiving. Will you have the courage to make that online reservation and book your skydive? Once it is booked, you will be counting the days until that jump, and your friends will make sure to remind you in case you forget. After you arrive at the skydiving center, you will watch a video about the dangers thrills of skydiving, so you are fully aware of what you are getting into. Then you have to sign a ton of pages. That’s right, I remember signing close to 50 pages, thus agreeing that no one but me would be responsible in case something happens.

That was before GoPro cameras became popular.

That was before GoPro cameras became popular.

Following that, it was time to suit up and get on the plane. As the plane goes up, your ears will pop, you will notice that the air gets cooler, and the hands of your wrist-altimeter will turn clockwise. But that altimeter will look more like a stopwatch, counting the minutes until you reach the cruising altitude. Once that altimeter reaches 10,000 feet the photographer will open the door, which is probably one of the most unnatural things to do. Why would you open the door of a flying airplane? And why would you move closer to that open door? Before you know it, you will be sitting on the edge of the door. After the skydiving monitor asks you one last time if you are ready, he will count 1, 2, 3!

Jumping out of an airplane.

Jumping out of an airplane.

What can I say? It was such a thrilling experience! This sensation of freedom and the feeling of flying were unique! I have been in countless airplanes and flown a lot, but for the first time I was not just a spectator looking at the sky from a window, I was part of the sky around me!

About Joël Thai

Bonjour ! My name is Joël Thai, I am an environmental engineer, passionate photographer, triathlete, and world traveler from Paris, France. I spent four years in Berkeley for graduate school, research, and teaching. Living at International House Berkeley was such an enriching and exciting experience! Go Bears!
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