Live music in the park and Blue Angels air show

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It is October, and the month kicks off with two big annual events one cannot miss! The first one is a huge music festival in Golden Gate Park this weekend (October 3-5) and the second one is an impressive air show in the San Francisco Bay next weekend (October 9-13).

Hardly Strictly Music Festival. Photo:

Hardly Strictly Music Festival. Photo:

San Francisco hosts several music festivals every year, and the two most popular ones are Outside Lands in the summer and Hardly Strictly in the fall. While they are both very popular and draw thousands of people to Golden Gate Park over a weekend, the latter is completely free! That’s right, there will be over 100 artists performing on seven stages for free. With this fully loaded lineup it is impossible to see them all, so feel free to look at the schedule and learn more about the artists on the festival’s website.

Fleet Week. Photo:

Fleet Week. Photo:

Next weekend there is Fleet Week! It is a military ships parade and an air show that can be seen from the San Francisco Bay waterfront. If I have to give one reason to go to Fleet Week, I just need two words: Blue Angels. The Blue Angels are the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron (by the way, the planes sport the Blue and Gold colors, just like Cal) and their pilots are absolutely amazing! The Blue Angels’ maneuvers are so precise and technical they definitely perform one of the best aerobatic demonstrations! More information is available here.

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Bonjour ! My name is Joël Thai, I am an environmental engineer, passionate photographer, triathlete, and world traveler from Paris, France. I spent four years in Berkeley for graduate school, research, and teaching. Living at International House Berkeley was such an enriching and exciting experience! Go Bears!
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