Let’s go to Lake Tahoe!

That’s me diving in Lake Tahoe!

That’s me diving in Lake Tahoe!

Bonjour !

Living in Berkeley is very enjoyable thanks to all the diverse people and the endless activities you can do in the Bay Area. But fun activities are far from being limited to the Bay Area. Northern California is like a treasure chest, it offers many gems that are close to Berkeley, and Lake Tahoe is one of them! So let’s dive into details Tahoe!

With about twenty other I-House buddies we rented a couple vans and headed to Lake Tahoe. After a long drive (it normally takes three hours to drive, but we hit traffic, had a mechanical problem, and made a few stops) we finally made it to the house we rented in South Lake Tahoe. Fortunately, the house was huge, with a large kitchen and dining room, a pool table, and a hot-tub! After enjoying a copious dinner we had a blast hanging out at the house and getting to know each other!

Excited to be in Tahoe!

Excited to be in Tahoe!

So why is Lake Tahoe awesome? First Tahoe is just a gorgeous place! The water comes from melting snow so it is very clear, and the surrounding mountains create a unique panorama. Imagine yourself sitting on the sand, with clear water in front of you, and mountains in the distance, it is quite unreal. Lake Tahoe is actually the largest alpine lake in North America, so you do not feel being in front of a lake. You really have this beach feeling, but with a unique horizon that is filled with mountains!

Lake Tahoe: sun, sand, water, and mountains

Lake Tahoe: sun, sand, water, and mountains

Secondly there are tons of activities to do! The beach offers all the water activities you want such as kayaking, paddle boarding, boating… The mountains are perfect for hikes and getting to high vantage points. Although it gets cold at night I strongly recommend going for a short walk/hike and stargazing. Being at high elevation and away from city lights reveals so many stars. If you just want to take it easy and chill on the beach, that’s also possible thanks to the peacefulness of Tahoe.

Tip: go to Emerald Bay, this is my favorite spot! The blue water, the surrounding trees, and the small island in the middle create a beautiful view! It’s also not just about the destination; the journey is a lot of fun. The drive to Emerald Bay is so scenic and exciting, or scary, I will let you decide.

I-House group at Emerald Bay

I-House group at Emerald Bay

About Joël Thai

Bonjour ! My name is Joël Thai, I am an environmental engineer, passionate photographer, triathlete, and world traveler from Paris, France. I spent four years in Berkeley for graduate school, research, and teaching. Living at International House Berkeley was such an enriching and exciting experience! Go Bears!
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4 Responses to Let’s go to Lake Tahoe!

  1. Joël, thanks for the great blog post! I used to go to Lake Tahoe every weekend as a child. North shore, Kings Beach. This brings back great memories. I love Emerald Bay too! Your posts are all great ideas for I-House residents to explore and enjoy California.

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