The Language Game – Part II

Ok, dearest residents. You really follow this blog, don’t you?  How do I know? Well, last week the Language Game went kind of viral.

Some residents came to the Front Desk to ask for a tennis racquet and would not give me their IDs before I had guessed which language they speak or which country they come from.

One of you caught me by surprise while I was writing a report, so I misunderstood your accent (Germany not Belgium, so sorry Jan!). I got all the Latin American countries right though and even practiced a bit of Chinese here and there.

On one day there were seven of us (me and six residents) playing the Language Game at the Front Desk. It was so nice, we laughed a lot and a new group of friends was born. At home that evening, my husband reminded me about the Flag Game and the Food Game, two variations on the same theme we used to play when we were younger. We practiced it at home with our children and in few seconds the I-House spirit was recreated in our kitchen.

So, thank you I-House residents for reading this blog and for being so smart and nice. The hours at the Front Desk would be much longer without those friendly chats and cultural exchanges we have. Through you I am traveling around the world again, as I had been doing for so many years. Grazie mille – and thank you in every language that I have yet to learn.

So, now, ready for the Food Game? Try to guess what’s the signature dish of the countries your I-House friends come from. Be as specific as you can, no generic pasta or pizza allowed. And…see you at the Front Desk! 🙂

A beautiful Iranian saffron cake I got to taste, thanks to resident Seyed Zafranchilar

A beautiful Iranian saffron cake I got to taste, thanks to resident Seyed Zafranchilar


About lilianacardile

For my whole life the world has been a wonderful book and, being an avid reader, I have enjoyed every page so far. Journalist, traveller, internationalist and...gourmet I plan to see it all. At I-House I can do it just sitting at the Front Desk!
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