Have You Heard About The Intercultural Leadership Initiative (ILI)?

When I went to college, there were very few opportunities like this one. I lived in a typical dorm that offered events that usually focused on some kind of party- UCSB- no surprise, right? But as resident of International House, you have the opportunity to enrich your education and your residential experience by taking part in this unique program.

ILI Participants Spring 2014

ILI Participants Spring 2014

The Intercultural Leadership Initiative, a certification program, brought to you by the Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL), is open to I-House residents and student staff. This semester-long, intensive leadership program is designed to help you develop skills in intercultural effectiveness and transformative leadership in today’s increasingly globalized world. If admitted to the program, participants will be trained in:

*Intercultural & virtual team effectiveness
*Models, tools, & personal assessments in intercultural effectiveness & leadership styles
*Organizational culture & leadership
*Intercultural facilitation, communication, & storytelling
*Transformational leadership & social responsibility
*Major/career coaching & development

In addition to the valuable experiences and skills gained upon completion of the program, students will earn a Certificate in Intercultural Leadership from CIL and I-House!

Rohit Pothukuchi

Rohit Pothukuchi

“Because of the Intercultural Leadership Initiative… I feel more prepared for an international workplace. The ILI has really opened my eyes to intercultural leadership techniques. I went into the initiative not really knowing what to expect, but came out with a wealth of knowledge that I believe will be truly helpful both at a professional and a personal level. The certificate program is exceptional, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a career that is international.”  

-Rohit Pothukuchi, (India/USA) ILI Participant Spring 2014

Applications are due on Monday, September 8, 2014. Apply online.

To find out about requirements, eligibility or to apply visit:   ihouse.berkeley.edu/ILI

Questions? Contact cil@berkeley.edu

About Laurel Anderson Malinovsky

Specializing in Communications at International House for 14 years while bringing up my three beautiful girls, showing my art at different bay area venues and playing tennis. I'm proud to be a member of this thriving global community advancing a world of greater peace and understanding!
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