Summer of 1989 25th Anniversary Reunion

Letter From…. Alumnus Kamran Nemati (IH 1984-1995)

Summer of 1989 at International House Berkeley was a special summer.  For those of us who had the privilege of living there at that time, it brings special memories.  We had a large group from Bordeaux in France staying at I-House that summer and they bonded extremely well with the long term residents.  We had several outings such as trips to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe to name a few.  They all still remember Eric Stromberg’s famous strawberry daiquiris during the frequent late night parties in the Game Room and gathering at Dariush Mirfendereski’s room (aka Club 724) right after Wednesday night coffee hour.

Dariush Mirfendereski’s room

Kamran Nemati’s room during the Monday Night Video Club

For many years I hosted “Monday Night Video Club” in my room, which really climaxed in summer of 1989.  On Monday nights, after watching a movie, we partied all night in my room.  It was not uncommon to have more than 20 people in my room during my parties! (some photos of this weekly event are attached).  In fact my Monday Night Video Club had become famous in Bordeaux, since every summer the new French residents coming from there were asking about it, having heard from previous summer residents.

Friends gathered for Video nightMany of the French residents were sad that they were missing the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution celebration on July 14 (Bastille Day or Le quatorze Juillet), so I flew to Paris for a couple of days, took many pictures of the Bastille Day festivities, and upon my return presented a grand slide show at Home Room with all the French residents cheering on, which was followed by a delayed Bastille Day party at I-House Café.

Summer of 1989 was indeed a great summer that is permanently carved in our memories.  Many of us are still in touch and visit in both sides of the Atlantic when traveling.  It was the foundation for many great summers until 1995, when finally I left I-House.  But the memories live on, thus the reason for the “Summer of 1989 Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Reunion” on July 12, 2014.  (Pictured below in the I-House Home Room. For more photos see the album on Facebook)

Reunion on July 12, 2014

From left to right: Mr. Tannyhill, Mehryar Garakani, Cynthia Gaertner-Bridges, Eric Stromberg, Kamran M. Nemati, Dariush Mirfendereski, Hans C. Giesecke, Ali Mirza, Lori Tannyhill, Abby Cook, Mehrdad Afrahi, Mayra Nieves-Bekele, Moira Dowell, Sebastian Dowell


“To me, I House was not a dormitory, it was a community of scholars and gifted people who profoundly changed my life, so much so that I ended up living there for 10.5 years and earning 5 degrees in the process.
– Dr. Kamran M. Nemati

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