The Dining Hall and the Sports Social Network (SOSPO)

Leo Rifkind and I met for the first time in Berkeley Law School where we are pursuing LLM (masters in Law). The LLM program we are in is scheduled in such a way that we complete the degree by attending two summer semesters.

International House was the place of choice to stay for both of us from the very beginning; therefore this is our second summer staying in I-House. I-House is a wonderful place where you get to meet a lot of people and live in an international environment. Leo and I come from very different backgrounds. I am a tanned skinned Muslim from Pakistan and he is typically English. Apparently we hardly share anything in common; however living together in I-House allowed us to become best of friends. I don’t know how this happened, but surely the Dining Hall has something to do with it, since we shared most of our meals together there.

Leo Rifkind & Mohammad Sohaib Saleem

Leo Rifkind & Mohammad Sohaib Saleem describe their Sospo App, A social sports network that connects people through existing social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, and through our random profile generating software.

We realized that both of us have an interest in entrepreneurship. Despite being lawyers we have this risk taking tendency which is very unlike a typical lawyer. And so it all started this summer in I-House when we returned for our second and final summer semester of LLM. The combination of my room, which is room 76T, the dining room and the Computer room, became the birth place and the incubator for our business idea.

In fact, it’s not merely a business idea it’s an idea to bring people together. Through our app (SOSPO) we aspire to bring people from as different backgrounds as ours (or even more different) to socialize with each other through sports. In a similar vein to the I-House Dining Hall, we have found sports to be an excellent platform to meet new people, to understand them and to make new friends with shared interests. So, whether it is a partner, a friend or a date that you are looking for we hope that SOSPO can help you out.

SOSPO is due this month to be available on iTunes. It works in a similar way to Tinder and Facebook in that it uses your existing social networks, on the one hand, and GPS, on the other, to locate matches for you to play sport with: whatever sport you like! It’s a terrific way to meet new people with similar interests, to become social and to become fit.

Currently, we our crowd funding on If you have a second, check out our page “Sospo App” on and you will get more of a feel for the idea and where it came from. You also have the chance to be personally involved if you are an I-House Alum.

Leo and I are always around so do not hesitate to get in touch. Either knock on room 76T or email me at

Mohammad Sohaib Saleem

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